4.2.1 Extending a Microflow (Version 10.6.1 build 24365)

The following happens when trying to generate the status and no value gets populated   Error 11 CE0031 The 'Object' property is required.Change object activity 'Change'Microflow 'SelectDoneStatus'TaskTracker   Microflow 'TaskTracker.SelectDoneStatus' has not been executed, as it does not allow concurrent execution.
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I think it's a version related bug.


When you generate the value TaskTracker.ENUM_SLADashboardStatus.SLA_Missed or TaskTracker.ENUM_SLADashboardStatus.SLA_Achieved from object member ENUM_SLADashboardStatus (This is in the Academy - 4.2.1 Extending a Microflow) it doesn't seem to save the generated value.


A workaround is to merely cut and paste the value TaskTracker.ENUM_SLADashboardStatus.SLA_Missed or TaskTracker.ENUM_SLADashboardStatus.SLA_Achieved and then it will save it when you press OK.





Hello Corné,

Can you give us some more context and maybe give us a screenshot of your microflow as well.


Based on this limited information it can be that the microflow is executed by multiple users or one user at the same time, which create concurrent actions which is not allowed. Maybe you can look to the following properties in your microflow:




Another possibility I see, is that there is an object empty that is required within the flow.


Hope this helps!