How can I create new accounts in Account Overview page?

In context, I'm coursing the "Constrain Your Data Using XPath" learning path and I'm trying to create new accounts on "Account Overview>Account New" Page, using the Administrator user role, but some fields are unavailable. Like images below:   I assume that's a security subject but the Administrator user role have all of rights and access to entities, microflows, pages, etc. But when I click on "Save" button rise up a error window.   I saw that other learners had the same problem, however, I still can't find the solve.   I appreciate if somebody can resolve this question and excuse me if my English is not good  I'm beginner student.  💙
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Administration.Account is a specialisation of System.User. System.User contains the attributes that you have marked yellow. So likely your project-role Administrator probably has no rights for System.Administator.


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