Trying to combine two entities into one using a Microflow

I am trying to combine the attributes of two entities and combine them into one entity and then use that entity to populate a data grid. In the microflow I first retrieve  the first entity as a list and then i create a new list to represent the combination entity. next, in a loop i iterate through the first entity list and add the data to the new list. I repeat this process for entity two. then I commit the combined list to the combined entity and use the entity in a data grid. The problem is that in the data grid each row with have data from entity 1 or entity 2. the microflow is not combining the attributes from both entities, its adding the data from the first entity to the combination list and then doing the same for the second entity. Is there some way i can iterate through the two entities in one loop and add them to the combined list that way? I should also mention that the two entities have no associations between them
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The only way to combine the objects from the two different entities in you have an attribute (or combination of attributes) that can link two records. 


If you iterate over the first entity, you will create objects and put them in the target list

When you iterate over Entity2, you will use a find activity to see if the ID exists in the target list, if it does, you can use a change object for the record you found, if not, you can create a new record and add it to the target list.

Hope this helps


If there is no attribute to tell what belongs where, please let me know on what logic you would want to combine the two records and I can figure out if that would be possible.