Combo box with attribute from list and custom entry possible

Hi,   I'm new to mendix and trying to understand the system better.   What I'm trying to build is an order entry system where customer name is one of the attributes in the entity customer. The entity order holds all the attributes connected to this customer. I'm showing this on the order entry page with a combo box via xpath. This works and I can select a customer on this page.   What I want is to add new customers as well in this combo box, ideally in the same box. I'm having trouble doing so and can't seem to find the answer here. Can someone tell me if this is possible at all or if I need to work in a different way. (perhaps via a Microflow?)   I work in the latest Mendix studio Pro 10.0.8   Thanks!
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Hi Thomas,


You can configure a footer in which you can place a button which creates a new customer in there. 

When saving the customer you could link it directly to the order so that it shows up as selected I assume.


Hope this helps

KR, Jurre