Open multiple instances of StudioPro

Hi there, I am working through the Crash Course on the Mendix Academy. At one point a second instance of StudioPro should be opened to run a MockHR Service, that should be connected to another App. I can't work out, how to run two instances of StudioPro - not on Mac (StudioPro 10.8.0 - beta) and not on Windows (10.8.1).    Thanks in advance for your help!
2 answers

You can open two instances of studio Pro the way you would normally open one. It should ask you something like "Hey, an instance is already running, are you sure?" and then you click yes.


If you want to run them both locally next to each other, go to your app settings and change the runtime port to something other than 8080. Not all ports work, I recommend 8081 for instance.




After that, running the application should work!


You also have to change the port number of the Admin Port. Both will be blocked while a Mendix app is running.