StockManagementSupportApp_Mx9.mpk for version 10.0.0

A “StockManagementSupportApp_Mx9.mpk” is available for download in “Importing and Exporting Your Data” in Chapter 5.3.1. I cannot open this with Mendix Studio Pro 10.0.0. Is there an MPK file for version 10?  
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First of all, to prevent these kind of errors, it is advised to use the correct Mendix version (9.6.1 as stated in chapter 3.1.1. of the learning path.

If you really want to use Mx 10.x, you can try following the steps described in the error: Open the package in StudioPro 9.24.x, automatically upgrade the app and save/commit your changes. Then open StudioPro 10.x and again upgrade and you're done.