Adding Database Constraint method

the property values you want. The way to do this in Studio Pro is by popping up an 'Edit Database Constraint' window in the learning path.   However, in 10.8.1, there is no item to add constraints in the 'Data source' tab. You can only add or modify XPath constraints. Is adding database constraints integrated into XPath? Or is there another way?   To filter your data, you can apply constraints to your data source to display only
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Good morning, indeed the way to constrain your data in a list view has changed between Mendix versions 10.4.x and 10.5.0 . It looks like you are referring to one of the Learning Paths based on Mx 10.0.0 and it is advised to use the exact version that is mentioned in the Learning Path.

With the database constraint, you would only be able to select the attributes from the primary entity, which can also be achieved via an xpath. 


Hi Seongho Kang,


The Learning paths are based on previous versions of mendix, as it is shown in below screenshot.


And when coming to newer versions, Constratints can only be added to the query using XPath


By the way, both Database constraints and Xpath Constraint do the same task in querying.


So, what you are getting in the screen is right.