Build your app using a template - 3.5.1 HELP PLS

HHello! Can anyone help me with steps 6-9? There are no pictures and I don't know how they want me to display the completion date, etc. Thank you!
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Hi Asia,

In your list view, after connecting the task entity you have to add attributes below it. 

1.After adding the title, below you have to duplicate secondary text twice to add the other attributes. If the secondary text is not found drag the text from the toolbox and add it twice so you will get three secondary text.

2. In your secondary text, click edit in the caption replace {1} and set the Completion Date attribute to replace the first Secondary text.

3. Set the SLADashboardStatus attribute to replace the second Secondary text.

4. Set the Task_Department > Department > Name attribute to replace the third Secondary text.

5.Above the list view, you have page header title and its supporting text you can delete it as followed by learning path in step(10).

Hope it helps!!!!