How would you make a microflow

I'm trying to make a ordering website. I'm stuck on the add to basket section so when the users/customer clicks on the button the item shows what they have brought on another page. I did try to use a microflow button but so far I only got show a page done. I tired to put the create object and change object but it doesn't work. Any help on how to do it. 
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Hi there


If your microflow is activated on a location where you already have an object, you can use it in a microflow by adding a parameter to it. In this case, you would click on an item, the item gets sent to your parameter in the microflow, and afterwards you get to experiment with your own logic.


If you need some additional information, the documentation should help you further: 


Hope this helps!


I am assuming you have a 2 pages,


1. Homepage where you all products are there and each of them with buy now option or add to cart option or something similar

2. Cart page which lists all the draft orders that you have so far created or only 1 order if you intend to force the user to always have 1 order to reduce complexity


So lets assume you have an Account entity associated to Order with Many to 1 (1 user can have many orders created with each Order having a status of DRAFT, CANCELLED or COMPLETED)


When you click on the button to add to cart or buy, check if you have any DRAFT order, if yes create a New Object of Order and associate to your account. TO this order object you relate your product.


then if you 2nd page is out of this Order object, then you can easily show the details.


hope this helped :) good luck