How to automatically refresh a data grid after importing using REST service of HospitalHR from Crash Course in Mendix Academy?

In the crash course, you are told to create an import button in the navigation and link the button to a microflow that GETs the department and employee data from HospitalHR using REST. I have successfully done this and I see it is imported and displayed in my data grid but I only see it after refreshing the page and it takes me to the home page first. How can I refresh the data grids automatically when I am viewing either the employee overview or the department overview after clicking the import button?   Adding a synchronize activity to the microflow does not work. The data grid has an option to set "refresh time (in seconds)" but when I set it to 1 second, and clicking the import button - it doesn't refresh the data grid. Adding a "change object" activity in the microflow (to change the department/employee object/list -> then select refresh in client) does not work when i give the department object as parameter and gives the error "parameter does not match available arguments". How do I pass the department object correctly then? I also tried putting the import button inside the data grid - which passes the department object as a parameter correctly but when I run the app, a row needs to be selected to press the button.
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Hi Andini,

You can create an NPE. and use a dataview of the NPE as the parent of the datagrid, once you click on the import button, you can use a change object activity, and refresh the NPE on the page, to reload it on the page.

THis will re-render the datagrid, and will start showing you the new data.


Let me know if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!