Passing the id

then I have 3 steps in step 1 I have the interface of two combo boxes the first allows to recover the legal form from the external database and this is already done after the second combo box to recover the statuses from of the legal form knowing that status and legal form have the connection 1 to many and also is already done after in step3 I want to recover the sections from the status chosen in the combo box in the first step and also it is done then after I have recovered the sections by status I must recover in another combo box the list of articles by section chosen in the first combo box in step 3 then I cannot recover the articles from the chosen section knowing that in my domain model I have my status entity which has a many to many connection with section and section has the many to one connection with article and the status entity is a one to one connection with the user selection entity which carries the attributes section_code, status_code and article_code and also I configured my micro flows of getArticleBySection where I put my external database query or I called my sql query getArticleBySection and in my parameter I put status_code and its value $userSelection/status_code and after I created a microflow MF_OnUserSelectionChange where I imported activity change object or I called my userSelection entity and in parameter I called status_code, article_code, section_code its values ​​respectively are: section_code:$UserSelection/MyFirstModule.UserSelection_demande_forme_juridique/MyFirstModule.demande_forme_juridique/MyFirstModule.demande_forme_juridique_referentiel_statuts/MyFirstModule.referentiel_statuts/code and for section_code:$UserSelection/MyFirstModule.UserSelection_referentiel_statuts/MyFirstModule.referentiel_statuts/ MyFirstModule.referential_statuts_referential_sections/MyFirstModule.referential_sections/code and article_code:$UserSelection/MyFirstModule.UserSelection_referentiel_statuts/MyFirstModule.referentiel_statuts/MyFirstModule.referentiel_statuts_referentiel_sections/MyFirstModule.referentiel_sections/MyFirstModule.referentiel_sections_referentiel_articles/MyFirstModule.referentiel_articles/
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