How to I get the Intermediate Developer Certification?

I just passed my rapid certification and wanted to start on the Intermediate Developer Certification. The rapid certification had a 16-hour course to complete before you could take the test. I don't see an Intermediate one. Do I need to complete all 21 intermediate classes to take the intermediate exam?
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Hi Eric Schweitzer


if you need intermediate certification. before that you will completed intermediate course like below image shown and attend the classes after you will get voucher code 




for more info click below link


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Thank you!

K. Ravi Kumar


Hi Eric, Intermediate is not a 1-2 day certification. Intermediate means you have obtained a good ground-level knowledge of the Mendix. You should be able to build basic apps from scratch. This is why you cannot find 1 learning path, but 21 learning paths.


This is not to say all are needed or equally important for the certification. Check out the certification requirements for specific topics within the Intermediate exam.


Some topics I can recommend:

  • Domain model and Xpath
  • Data types such as Enumerations and Non-Persistable Entities (NPE's)
  • Frontend learning paths with widgets etc