How can I add user stories into Studio Pro?

Hello everyone,   I've encountered an issue lately where my user stories aren't showing up in Studio Pro 10.10.0, free version. Despite having an Active Sprint and my Management Settings set to Epics, they seem to be missing.   I'm reaching out for assistance with this matter. If anyone has experienced a similar issue or knows how to troubleshoot it, I would greatly appreciate your help.   Thank you in advance for any guidance or suggestions you can provide.   Best Regards,   Hugo Tavares
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This is what it looks like on my end:Planning.pngimage.png


Hi, di you start a Sprint from Planning sectrion on Developer Portal? Screenshot 2024-05-16 180531.pngScreenshot 2024-05-16 180537.png


2 options

  1. Did you open the model before adding the userstories to the active sprint? > click refresh.
  2. Did you add the userstories to the project of the model opend in Studio pro? > check this by opening the project using the small talking balloons at the right top of studio pro. 

If the same project and refresh does't work.... you have found a new feature🤣