Hi Everyone, I ran into a problem . I am not able to find these options in my Mendix Studio 10.10.1: 1) General Tab: Select Page and Page title options. I have added the academy page Screenshot plus the one on my Studio. Please guide me if I am doing it wrong   I am trying to "Editing the Associated Account Entity" Below is the Image from Mendix academy   Below is the image from Studio pro       PS: The studio pro version selector doesn't show Mendix 10.10.1
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Hello Tejas,


Mendix is continuously in development and one of the latest developments is the combo box. 

They now use it in their models to replace the reference set selector.

In the learning path they still use the reference set selector but in your model they use the new way the combo box.

Just watch the mendix documentation about the two ways of how to enable your association/reference. 






Hope this helps,


Good luck