Domain Model TaskTracker Explanation for Comment Helper (Beginner Learning Path: build your app using a template)

In the domain model of the TaskTracker there is the following explanation: We cannot use the comment entity because this will be linked to the comment after it is posted. So a comment will be linked to itself after it is posted? Is this sentence correct? The model is quite clear that comments are attached to a task. Or should it read because this will be linked to the task after it, the comment, is posted?   Thanks for your help, Tom
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What they mean is that they need a placeholder for a entering a new comment in the task, but if you do that with comment it will be already in the list of comments for that task. You are right, it should be 'linked to the task'


They could have left out the commentHelper and use a 'CommentToBeAdded' Attribute (unlimited string) in the task and copy that value to a new comment and clear it.