When Im doing an assignment, the error is like this: The selected page TaskManagement expects an object of type Task, which is not available here.

The selected page TaskManagement' expects an object of type Task', which is not available here.
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Hi Ho Van Chien,

    Whenever you redirect from using microflow activity/button, the show page activity expects the same object as page parameter. For eg. If you create student object using a microflow and use show page activity of NewEdit page. The NewEdit page will be expecting NewStudent object as page parameter. In most of the cases it is auto updated.

 But in your case You can add Parameter of Task on page and go back to microflow or button from where you are redirecting and update there as well. I hope this helps you to resolve the issue. If it helps please accept the answer or provide a screenshot of the issue if it doesnot.


All the best,

Dibyanshu Singh


When you use show page activity in a microflow, page or navigation. If the page is expecting a parameter, you have to give it to show the page. Check the page, maybe you are not using the parameter on the page. So you can remove the parameter. But if you are using the parameter anywhere on the page, instead of using show page activity directly, you can run a nanoflow or microflow, get the parameter and redirect to the page.


In the top left corner of the Studio, you can check the parameters of your page.