Constrain Your Data Using XPath

Hello,            I followed the steps explained 'Constrain Your Data Using XPath' module for creating Vacation Tracking application. Once user submitted a vacation request, administrator user should be able to see the submitted request, but it is NOT showing up while logged in as adminstrator. I checked and compared with completed mpk file too, I couldn't find what am I missing?            Can anyone help me with what am I missing?   Thanks and Regards. SJ
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Hi Shankar Janakiraman,

Could you please check the following to ensure that you are able to change the status of your object to "Submit"?

  1. Entity Access:

    • Verify that the Administrator role has the necessary read and write access to the relevant entity.
    • Go to the domain model, select the entity in question, and then check the entity access rules. Make sure that the Administrator role is included with the appropriate access rights.
  2. Page Access:

    • Ensure that the Administrator role has access to the page where the status change occurs.
    • Navigate to the page settings, and check the page access control. Confirm that the Administrator role is granted access to this page.
  3. Action Validation:

    • Double-check that the microflow or nanoflow responsible for changing the status of the object is executable by the Administrator role.
    • Verify that any conditional logic within the flow does not inadvertently block the status change for the Administrator.

Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Verify Entity Access

  1. Open your project in the Mendix Studio Pro.
  2. Navigate to the domain model.
  3. Select the entity for which you need to change the status.
  4. Click on the "Entity Access" tab.
  5. Ensure that the Administrator role has the necessary permissions (read/write) for this entity.

Step 2: Check Page Access

  1. Go to the "Pages" section in the project explorer.
  2. Find and select the page used to change the status of the object.
  3. Open the page properties and check the "Allowed Roles".
  4. Make sure that the Administrator role is included in the allowed roles.

Step 3: Validate Microflow/Nanoflow Permissions

  1. Open the microflow or nanoflow used to change the status.
  2. Check the security settings to ensure the Administrator role has permission to execute this flow.
  3. Review the logic within the flow to ensure there are no conditions preventing the status change for the Administrator.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues or if further assistance is needed.

Hope this helps!








Let me know if this is correct ?



I found what's was the issue.. the highlighted module role was VacationManagement.User and I now changed it to VacationManagement.Administrator. So that Administrator can see the submitted request.

@Sukhvindra Singh thank you so much for your detailed steps, it helped. I appreciate your time and support.