Can not register Intermediate Developer Certification Exam

Hi Team When I click register Intermediate Developer Certification Exam button,a new page showup 'There are currently no items in your cart.' by the way, Why do I need to pay for the exam, could you help this issue, thank you.
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I got this from Academy:

Starting June 20th, we introduced new payment options for exam bookings. These changes will initially apply to Intermediate and Advanced exams, with updates for the Expert Certification to follow later. What is New?  

  • Individual Exam Seats without Purchase OrdersUsers can now pay for individual exam seats without the need for Purchase Orders.  We will send the invoice to the user.   
  • Payment OptionsWe are excited to offer more flexibility with the addition of credit and debit card payments and to support popular online platforms such as Payment Wallets and PayPal. Available payment methods vary by country. 
  • Multi-Currency & Region SupportOur system will provide a seamless currency conversion. Nominal conversion fees may apply. 

You should be able to buy your certification. Hopefully an intermittent issue indeed. If issue persist, contact


Hi Haifeng, 

This might be intermittent issue , can you try after sometime 


It's probably your best best to reach out to Mendix Academy via to get support on this matter.