OnChange Microflow to change text as the slider is changed

Dear Team, Im trying to create a dummy project for fixed deposit where i have used a slider as input filed. In the Period slider, if the slider is below 12 months, the text on the page should show as "8 months" if the slider is on 12, it should show "1 year". Likewise 1.2 years, 2.4 years, 3.8years... etc I have attached image of the same. The text Which needs to be changed is just below Period: (14) as current value
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Hello Tejas Mhaske, 


You can do several things you can add an extra attribute on the entity with periodInText, and change this attribute in a nano/microflow, when the value changes, or you can do the calculation on the page and write a "complicated" big if then else statement. I advise the extra attribute.


Probably you need to check the value of the period, then make a decision if it needs to be divided and if there needs to be text added and which text needs to be added.


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Good luck!