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Dear experts,   I am learning the crash course and I am not sure where the Snippet call is and what it refers to. Could you explain to me?     Generating Pages To make your life as a developer easier, Mendix provides you with an easy way to generate pages for your entities. To give our users at Summerhill Hospital a basic user interface, we will use this functionality. After generating the pages, we can make changes to ensure that the layout is exactly how we want it to be. Open the Domain Model page, right-click on one of the entities and select Generate overview pages… In the Generate pages window, select all entities. Make sure the Content layout is set to Atlas_Default. Make sure the Pop-up layout is set to PopupLayout. Click OK to start generating the pages. You will see a new folder added to the app explorer called OverviewPages. This folder contains 7 elements: 3 Overview pages, 3 NewEdit pages and an Entity_Menu snippet. A snippet is a reusable component of user interface that can be used in multiple pages. If you open any of the Overview pages, you will see a widget called Snippet call. In this case, the widget allows you to pull the Entity_Menu Snippet into your page(s), so you only need to create this UI component once.
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Hi Wenyu,


A snippet call is an element on a page which function it is to embed/use/calling a snippet (reusable element).

See the documentation about snippet call:


When constructing pages you can have e.g. have a piece of text or a form you want to reuse on multiple pages, you put that piece in a snippet. On the pages where you want to re-use that piece you "call" that specific snippet, the element you need to add to a page is called a snippet call.