How can I use these two microflows?

Hi Forum,   I have create 2 microflows.  One is named ACT_CheckAndBookTable, which has 4 parameters (employee, table, start time and end time) The second microflow is named InitializeReservation, which has no parameters but I want to initialize when a user wants to book a table.   What shall I do with the Start page + Initialize Reservation microflow ( which I want users to click when they firstly want to start a reservation)?   What shall I do with the Reservation page + CheckAndBookReservation microflow (which I want users to click save when they key in reservation)?   Now I am having this issue. seem that I need parameter on the page, but I don't know how to solve it 
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The microflow error states that you do not have the input parameters available on the page that you are triggering the microflow from. Maybe create a microflow with the parameter(s) you do have and then from that microflow trigger the microflow that triggers the error. You do need to implement the logic to fill these parameters though.

Be aware that before mendix 10.12 primitive parameters like string, int etc. where not avaiable for th use in in microflows parameters when calling the microflow from a page, only objects can be passed directly.