How Can I Retrieve Those Tables Booked

Hi Forum,   I want to retrieve the tables that were booked already and show the not booked ones on the right side of this page.   I already set the Nanoflow for the helper function here   How can I retrieve all tables that were booked?   My idea is, I can have a list of all the reservations and then delete the tables that were booked. Please show me how to do this, thanks !
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Hi Wenyu,


You can make it very easily with an boolean Attribute in your Table Entity.

Call it for example : AlreadyBooked ( default value : false)


When one of the Users reserves the table, change the boolean to true.


on the Left Side of your Page retrieve the Tables with a Xpath : 

[AlreadyBooked : true]

and on the right Side the not booked tables

[AlreadyBooked : false]


Hope this Helps,

Best Regards