Best Practices for Beginners: Navigating Mendixs Collaboration Tools

Hello everyone, I've recently started using Mendix and I'm really excited about its potential. However, as a beginner, I'm finding it a bit challenging to fully leverage the collaboration tools available in the platform. I'm particularly interested in understanding how to best utilize the Agile project management features, like Kanban and Scrum boards, and the feedback management systems. Could any experienced users share their best practices or tips on how to effectively use these tools? Here are a few specific questions I have: Agile Project Management: How do you set up and manage your projects using Mendix's built-in Agile tools? Any tips on organizing user stories and tasks to keep the team aligned and productive? Feedback Management: What are the best practices for gathering and managing feedback from end users within Mendix? How do you ensure that the feedback is effectively incorporated into your development process? Collaboration Tips: How do you facilitate better communication and collaboration between business and IT teams using Mendix? Are there any particular features or workflows that have worked well for your team? I'm looking forward to hearing your insights and learning from your experiences.  Thanks in advance for your help! Best regards, Emily
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Mendix is app centric. So you have a node with environments where your app is running. Make sure that your app has the feedback button for the right user roles. Depending on the app I would not advise to give everyone access to the feedback button or your first line will be overwhelmed with feedback.

Make sure you have a person or persons whoes task it is to handle the feedback. They are the persons that should decide wheter something is a bug, feature wish or just a user question that directly can be answered.

Then somebody should evaluate the accepted feedback. What will be the priority. In which sprint will this user story go. Does it go on the backlog? How long is each sprint? When will be the next release? And with high enough priority it even could become a in between hotfix of your app.

The only way to handle the communication between business and IT is to define key users in business and make sure that they get informed about the decision about the sprints.

Most of these points you will also need to do if you are not using Mendix. The advantage of the tools is that you can gather all the feedback in one place and that the feedback can be transformed in user stories and sprint and eventually a new release.