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Skip to main content - Bypass block


It would be great if a skip to main content link feature could be added.

It appears that it is currently not possible to implement as Mendix likes to auto focus the first element on the page.

Is it possible to at the very least remove the auto focus or implement a skip to main content bypass block feature?:

Thank you!

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Hello everyone, I know it is too late for Reply. But we can achieve this by calling Nanoflow. First, create link button and name it as ‘skip to main content’ in layout and call Nanoflow. In Nanoflow we have one activity called ‘SetFocus’ (if you’re not found means install ‘Web Actions’ from appstore). Then mention in the activity target selector as ‘main’. It will skip the navigation links and directly go to the main content.



I’ve actually tried that solution but it does not appear to work as Mendix likes to autofocus the first element on the page. 
I have reached out to Mendix support as I still have not received proper explanation yet as to how to workaround this issue.
The “Skip to main” link should only show when the page completes its load and you hit the tab key… Not sure why Mendix automatically focuses the ‘skip to main’ (first item on the page) on load


This is possible with the Scroll to action in Web actions module: