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Extend: Batch Update Button Icons --> multiple properties


Hi Mx Team,


As I do many Mendix UI upgrades lately I noticed I’ve been losing quite some time with buttons. Setting icons especially for save buttons, next buttons, and previous buttons. adding tooltips and setting the color.


The Batch update button icons seem to be a neat feature, but it lacks the assignment to batch update it to a caption for example. If I could select all buttons named ‘save’, update the color to success, and assign the icon ‘glyphicon-floppy-disk’. It would also be very handy if I could set the tooltip for every button this way. Setting the tooltip is a must when getting your work up to the WCAG standard.


I hope this feature could get a slight priority as this would save up quite a lot of time upgrading the UI of apps from 7 to 9, as the deadline getting closer and closer to when Mx10 will arrive.


Thanks in advance

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