Data Grid 2 inaccessible for screen readers

The content in datagrid-2 is not readable for screen readers and therefore seems to be inaccessible.  The documentation of datagrid-2 says it is optimised for accessibility, but we cannot get that working in any of our tests for screen readers.  We have tested this with NVDA, AppleVoiceover, chromeVoice on both Win as OSX, but nothing works. The problem could be that the sr is told it is entering table (a div with table role) but does not find any table elements to read. The div’s inside the grid are just ignored, only the buttons inside a row are picked up by a sr but they are ghost buttons with no context. (Note: moving back to Datagrid-1 is not an option, since the action buttons for deleting or editing a row are located in the tool-header and are therefor not related to that row for a screenreader. Our User tests have shown that selecting something in a row and navigating back to a button in the header is just not doable if you rely on a sr) - Is the documentation wrong and is datagrid-2 indeed inaccessible for screen readers? - Is there maybe some configuration we are overlooking? We could use a solution like TableGrid (works in 9.6 ) but support for this widget is unclear. Does anybody have any advice, we really need this feature…  
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The issue seems to be mendix-version related. When used in mx 9.5 some roles in the HTML are missing + the widget is also placed in the 'add-in widgets' section. When used in MX 9.7 the roles are suddenly added + widget is placed in the 'Data containers' section. Please see attached screenshots.