Tools to test accessibility in my Mendix App

Hi everyone,   I want to test my app's accessibility. Which tools do you recommend? Are there automated tools? What do you use for testing?   Thank you!  
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There are a number of tools that we use in Expert Services with our customer engagements:

  • axe DevTools browser extension (external link to axeDevTools) - a free, easy-to-use extension you can add to Chrome, Edge or FireFox to run an automated test for accessibility issues. It operates with similar logic as to Chrome's built-in Lighthouse checks, but I prefer the UI and resources of axe.
  • NVDA Screenreader (external link to NVDA) - also free! Great tool for testing both web browsers as well as any software on your computer for screen reader accessibility. It can be a learning curve to understand the controls, but there is a quick guide (link) which can help.
  • Manual keyboard testing - there are walk-through guides which can assist (see Accessibility Insights below), but we do a thorough test of keyboard interactivity with our apps. External link for guidance from WCAG on common keyboard considerations


The above three items make up our primary toolkit, but we've also used the following: