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API for managing project members



Currently managing of project members can be a hassle when you need to invite multiple team members. on different occasions. As a batch this is douable, but in many cases its not a single batch. Also removing members needs a lot of clicking. Plus its hard to have a single clear overview of team members of projects in a company.

As example this forum post: https://forum.mendix.com/link/questions/91842

1. It would be great if the platform facilitates this out of the box in the platform itself; easier management of team members in a project + company Team member per project overview

2. An API which allows to read the team members per project, add new, remove existing members.
i.e. This kind of API could then be integrated with a project management tool; so that when a member is removed at that level, the Mendix team membership is managed automatically.



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yes pls.

we just switched company domain name … so understand these struggles


Yes, please. Especially number 2 would be useful in many projects and a good way to ensure people don't forget removing members during the project offboarding process.