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Idea: Sorting on Retrieve by Association activity - Micro/Nanoflow


So this idea seems pretty straightforward. Might've already been posted. 
For Microflows it's not hard to do a List sort action after an association retrieve. 

However for a Nanoflow this is not possible, you can apply sorting in the database retrieve, I believe it's handled in the SQL query. 
But wouldn't it be nice to do this when retrieving from association as well? It would decrease the amount of actions in Microflows and be very helpful in Nanoflows.

A sorting action in a Nanoflow as seperate activity would also be very nice to have, instead of doing this manually by making... 'interesting' flows. 

Regards, J

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Having the possibility to directly apply sorting when retrieving over association would be really nice!

You won't accidentally use the “wrong” variable which was not sorted yet (so better maintainable) and sorting is applied on database level when possible (so better performance).


Yes! And how about adding XPath constraints as well ;-)


Yes! We need sorting in Nanoflows! Fully approve