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Make support tickets / bugs more public


We would all like to help Mendix make their platform better, but in my experience reporting an issue, creating a reproduction project, communication with Mendix support can be a time consuming enterprise. And may lead to developers not reporting a bug, because the process takes too much time, or does not lead to a desired result.

I would suggest a more "public" approach to the issues / bug reporting and tracking process where we can search, browse and collaborate. I've had several tickets in the past months that took a lot of time:

only to discover (once it has been forwarded to R&D for x time) that it is a known issue for R&D and reported by others. My idea is to have a more open bug tracking system (like bugzilla, github etc.). Some characteristics and benefits


I believe this would improve the overall support experience and process and will result in a better Mendix platform.

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Feature / bug / content bounty


yup I really like how chromium does it.


Openbug tracking offers

- transparency

- collaboration



By making bug reports publicly accessible, developers can easily track issues, share insights, and collaborate on solutions. This fosters a sense of community and accountability, leading to faster resolution times and higher quality software.


Additionally, openbug tracking encourages user engagement, as community members can contribute by reporting bugs, providing feedback, and even submitting patches.


Ultimately, openbug tracking promotes a culture of openness and continuous improvement, benefiting both developers and users alike.




Totally agree this idea! In addition, I also suggest to recognize this effort much more. So pls also notify the idea to Remunerate developers for reporting bugs.

Hope the current thinking could change at Mendix.


Great idea!  I was reading the release notes for 7.23.7 this morning and saw all of the tickets that were solved and thought it would be great to have some visibility into those tickets.  The way things currently work, I only get a small bit of of information about what the solved tickets are.