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Validation Feedback with Skip Option


Hi Mendix,

I encountered many Project where there was always a need to have a very big Validation Microflow with Validation Feedback and the same microflow would be used without a user feedback. In Such cases to reused the MF i ended up adding a Boolean SkipFeedback input param but that was not viable always.

So is it a good idea to add a Skip Showing Feedback to user option to the Validation Feedback Activity?

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I also face this, buzzzinezzz analyzzzorzzz want to skip navigation and then validation blocks them. At least in terms of navigation the following bypasses it

mx.ui.openForm("MODULE/", {
    location: "content",
    callback: function(a) {

I don’t recall what the behavior for MF triggering is, there is probably some option to skip validation if that is not the default behavior already when triggering via the Mx JS API

So thats for client side stuff, you can also write a java action to purge the feedback list if thats where you want to control it, then execute that after the feedback generation part in the microflow