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Inviting new members to app is broken


When I try to add a colleague to one of my Mendix Apps, some buttons appear non-responsive for multiple clicks starting after I select the role of the person I want to add.

Once I get to the step where the invitation is to be sent, the task yields indefinitely. I’ve only noticed this issue today, although it happens every time I try add my colleague to the project.

The above message has been stuck for over 20 minutes without any results.

Upon checking my webbrowser’s client console, I’ve noticed the following errors occurring at the moment where buttons starts to become unresponsive.


Furthermore, when I try to navigate back to the Buzz overview, the page fails to load, as seen in the image below.

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It's probably better to file a support ticket if you'd like to bring this under their attention quickly.


I think there is an issue with this today. Was working ok for me last week but tried to add someone before with the same issue as you. Worth mentioning my team member did get the invite even though it said sending indefenitely.