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Default behaviour when closing a page with (X) closing button


The default behaviour is cancel when the top corner (X) closing button is used.

This causes a refresh in client of the entity that is the page parameter for this page. Which I can understand that someone would like to have when changing values to that entity.

If you have a pop-up that does not change the entity then this refresh is unnecessary. I usually build a close button but it feels unnecessary to do that every time even when the button is not shown.

My suggestion is to have a choice of cancel or close. Cancel can still be default.


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I have not looked in Mendix 9 but as of version 8.12 you still need to have a button that “only” closes and choose that one as the (X) behavior.


Do we have this option now? Only closing page with (X) button but not rollback?


For transient objects, which have not been committed yet, the cancel will also result in a loss of the object, which is in many cases not desired. At least we should have the option to close instead of cancel without having to add a close button and selecting it as default closing action