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Offer free node to certified Mendix developers


Most of the Mendix developers have some side-projects. A webapplication for the sportclub, an uncle with a company web-application etc. 

We all love to work with Mendix but with the current pricing-options it is too expensive for most of those side-projects.  I know there is a free app option, but that is not a solid option to run a production-webapplication. 

My idea is that when you reach the first certficication you will receive one production node, if you reveive your second Mendix certification you will receive an other producction-node. And if you have enough Mendix credits you can use them as well for receiving an extra node. 

With this option we all can use Mendix for our side-projects. What would you think of this idea?

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A Scale Up plan should in my opinion offer different pricing for inside/outside users in the same way as Platform plans that offer. However, this is currently not an offering unfortunalty.


The problem is more that for small enterprises with a portal for their business the cost per account is too high.


F.i. you are running a bicycle shop and want to give your customers a login to your serviceportal running on Mendix. The owner can not afford paying € 11 for every customer for every month...


The basic license model is currently a first great step towards adoption of Mendix for smaller businesses or side projects.


However, the limitations of basic are really hard for growing an initial idea. Basic plan is €50/m but Platform starts around €800/m.


It would be helpful if scaling up from Basic to Platform would be gradually. The first thing would be to be able add larger nodes on a basic license. Or add a Scaling Up plan between Basic and Platform.


this would help show other people what you can do with mendix.

free marketing :D 


I'd love the idea: starting from Advanced Certification or something!


I agree. Mendix would be a perfect solution for small business but they can’t afford it. That’s sad. But I think it should be a seperate idea. This one is also about pricing but is only about a very special solution for few people.


I concur that the step from free to paid is way to steep. Mendix could grow so much more if it could be used by the small companies. Make a light version so backups are made of your system (a month worth is enough). Small companies are willing to pay but not the current amount.


Free seems like a bit too much since they would still have maintenance costst and such, however, I do wholeheartedly agree Mendix is, right now, not for small businesses since the pricing is way too steep. If they made small licenses with a couple of users, and not immediately 3 years, targeted at smaller businesses that would be great!


great idea, to expand the mendix developer and citizen developer, mendix should give some free enterprise node or a very soft price for student or researcher


Upvoted. Have a bunch of local apps I used to handle things and practice building, but they’re trapped locally.

I really love this kind of idea. I’ve spoken to a few people now about the kind of work I do, and my local side-projects, and they’ve all had their interest dashed when they’ve learned how hard it is for small businesses to get the benefits of Mendix development.

I’m not sure if it’s an intentional decision by Mendix or not, but it would be great for them to make the platform more accessible to smaller customers.


Currently licensing for Mendix really is unattractive for small business or indeed hosting a personal project in a more production like fashion and not something that goes offline every so often and having massive constraints.

I would love to be able to deploy something based on being a certified developer.

Even if it were just to be allowed to build a docker package and use some external party for hosting the projects. Right now you require an enterprise license i believe to host your own projects.

But yeah the fact you need 50 user accounts for a commitment of 3 years minimum is too steep for most developers and none large businesses.






I love the idea of a free (monthly/yearly subscription to a) node for store points. It probably conflicts with the business, but I think it's a great and serious reward for your time and effort for the community.