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Company Admin options


As Company Admin I want to be able to perform certain tasks on Sprintr. One of the most important ones is being able to change the Technical Contact of an App. With 40+ apps and 10+ Devs the TC changes every now and then. TC's are on holiday and then we have to ask Mendix Support to change the TC. Seems a logical task for a Company Admin to do.

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As an extension: delete a team member from all projects. If someone left the company it is now a clicking game going through all the apps. You can spot the apps in which a team member is added though the new ControlCenter, but you can only read the teams there.


Might be that current development behind the scenes crosses my addition, the one Ben de Lange suggested and even the Original Post?  :)


As an extension to the idea above would it be good if the Company Admin can add someone to the project team (in case all the project members left the company).