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Mendix for Non-profit


Its an old idea that I have that Mendix could be made available for free or discount for non-commercial projects/apps. Yes we have free-app option but that has drawbacks.

“Many organizations first get to know TechSoup through our NGO Tech Marketplace, which provides eligible organizations with donated and discounted software, hardware, services, and training via our partnerships with technology service providers. We have scaled this program worldwide, in collaboration with our trusted partner members of the TechSoup Global Network, making it possible to give organizations around the world access to the capacity-building technology solutions they need. TechSoup's marketplace includes more than 375 products from over 100 companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Intuit, and Symantec. We also partner with technology service providers who are experts in the needs of nonprofits and can help nonprofits optimize the products they receive through TechSoup”

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I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if is there any news after two years about this. I just discovered Mendix and I'm the CIO of a UK-based Charity that is now running on the Salesforce ecosystem with the No Profit Success Pack (10 licenses free). It seems to me that Mendix would greatly enhance my work from all points of view but, weirdly, the information on Mendix's approach to providing free/discounted licenses to no-profits is almost not-existent. If anybody has updates on it please share them with me.


Thanks and happy new year!



Mendix and for sure Siemens does have ideas for this as you can see by the YesWeHelp app / ecosystem we are developing with volunteers from different organizations, Siemens, and people from other originations like myself. All people work for free, just to create something good.


You can read about this on Medium  and on LinkedIn . Our project is adopted by  a Siemens company.


We are developing CAAS, Charity as a Service but our work would be much easier With Non-profit licence.


That would be great! I created an app for my non-profit organisation and I am still running it in Sandbox. I am missing features as advanced back-up, custom domains and scheduled events. It is so dissapointing that a company, as big as Mendix, does not offer non-profit licenses.