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barcode scanning in web page


There are a lot of questions about this subject, but not really any answers. It's quite surprising that there is no simple web-based barcode scanning widget available, as this can be done from standard javascript and I have seen it working in several web pages. Unfortunately, I'm not able t build this myself (hey, that's why I chose Mendix).

I think this should be in the standard toolbox, Mendix!

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@chen, thanks for the info.


Just tested the widget, in a simle repsonsive app. I get the message "Unable to detect camera". Same on Windows, Mac (both Chrome browser) and on Samsung S20 (Chrome) .

EDIT: I got the scanner working. When I try the included example, it opens the camera and it does scan the barcode. However, the example then produces the error: "An error occurred while executing the Nanoflow: Unable to get a member from an empty variable $QRScan."

It seems that the barcode reading module does not produce a return value in the barcode object that was created when the page was opened.


EDIT 2: rebuilt everything. Got it working now!


Any ideas?


Mendix published the widget.Just try it.



I have the same problem,And I think maybe Mendix cloud publish a standard barcode scanning widget for developers.