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hyperlink to open pdf file


I want to use hyperlink to view pdf file that I uploaded in project. I tried with link button, but failed to do that. Kindly suggest some other way.

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Sorry for the little deviation, but I would like to know where I could actually update pdfs while using mendix Studio Pro, I also want to show a pdf when submit button is clicked


HI Gouri,

                   Create a boolean and pass this to microflow. Change object set to yes on click of subscribe button and do vice versa. Hope this helps.


Thank you!

I have one more doubt. I am creating a button to subscribe and unsubscribe. On click of button subscribe button should turn to unsubscribe. can you help me with this?


Hi Gouri, 

               Am using link button to view pdf file which I have uploaded. Add a microflow and in activity download file widget. On click of that, your pdf will open in new browser window. Easy to use.