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Demo_users on tst&acc


Mendix has lots of great tools, one of them is the demo_users-tab on the right of the screen, making it easy to switch from user ‘Driver’ to user ‘Chef’ or whatever user. At several projects we created a demo_user for every project-role. This is very useful for everybody:

  1. As developer I easily switch between demo_users (so switching project roles) and see what the users get to see.
  2. PO’s can easily see what each project-role provides.
  3. Testers have an easy way to set up their tests.

As far as I know this is only available on the local running app and on the free node. Would be lovely to have this also available on all other (non-production) environments.


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There are two marketplace modules doing this now:

- BizzoMate’s DevTools, actually doing this client-side with their Chrome-plugin

- SystemManagement, doing this with an auto-created user for each role.



Ideally I would like to see this with a toggle on user level too, so you can limit which users can use which demo user. I'm okay with my testers becoming application admins and testing things out, but I don't want my UAT users to do the same, for instance.