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E-mail notification for accepted forum answers


The way it is now, you have the following situation:

  1. Person 1 asks a question on the forum
  2. Person 2 answers (and might subscribe to the forum post)
  3. Some time (maybe weeks?) later, person 1 accepts their answer as the accepted answer.
  4. Person 2 has no idea, because there is no indication that their answer was accepted (except if they opened the question directly for some reason)


This means that the person helping out on the forum never gets the actual feedback that their answer helped someone. This is a shame, because it can be a nice incentive to help out more. 

For that reason, it would be nice to get some sort of notification that your forum answer was accepted. Some options for implementation – maybe there's more, feel free to add them in the comments:

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Awesome, thank you! Looking forward to it.


Hi Eline, thanks for sharing this idea! Indeed agree this would increase the probability of answers getting accepted and improving our overall community by doing so.

We are currently working on making this a reality. Will keep you updated on when you can expect this in this thread.