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Mx Forums - Comments section should allow attachments


Comments section should allow users to attach images or docs like in Answer section.

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Hi Anuj, thanks for sharing your idea! What kind of attachments are you thinking of as most beneficial? 

And thanks Byron for your suggestions – totally agree there's plenty of space for improvements. The good news is that some big changes and improvements are on its way for our community platform, including better organisation.

Post creation will not directly be part of this, but it sure is coming in the near future to make it a lot more enjoyable to create and comment on our community platform.


1000%, I think move effort needs to be put into revamping the Mendix forum. There are some obvious issues that will be big detractors for a few members.  

To add to the list, the comments section also cuts off feedback. I have to copy paste into notepad just to read the full replies. There are lots of well functioning forums out there, just copy what has been working for others. If you need inspiration, pretty much any game specific forum does a good job of organising, searching and layering responses.