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Group access to project


Currently the access to Mendix projects is only manageable on a user level. Every user that needs access to a project needs to receive an invite, and after accepting the invite the proper access settings for the user can be conifgured. When working with a small amount of projects this works like a charm. When the amount of projects grows a lot, this can become quite a hassle. We have several roles in our organisation where we require a more ad-hoc type of access to projects.


The most relatable role is that of a DevOps engineer. Every DevOps engineer needs to have acces to all the projects we have certain responsibilities for. This means that we need to:

To solve this problem I would like to see the possibility to add UserGroups to a company and to a project:

Then comes the tricky part: Traceability. We don't want the UserGroup to act like a untraceable, general user. Thus we need to register when someone within the UserGroup uses their access to a project.

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Thanks for the will be very beneficial.

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