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Generate overview pages with datagrid 2


I still use the old datagrid so often because it’s so fast ! Especially in the beginning of a new app. 
later in the process i replace it for a better experience, but datagrid 2 is significantly slower to setup. 


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This is the reason I still often use data grid 1 for simple pages needed for maintenance of an app. Would be great if this would be possible in data grid 2.


The old grid was indeed very quick to apply, Grid2 is not. Every column needs to be manually added.


It is very useful to have the columns optional prefilled like in Grid1. Also as the standard  ‘attribute’ option does not provide any formatting features, so it's needed to apply ‘dynamic text’ to have this specific formatting and settings, but this requires like 10 clicks at least per column, meaning with 20 columns this is 200 clicks and a lot of attention to select attributes. This is very unpractical. 


I really hoped for some DG2.0 improvements in Mx 10. 

Right now, setting up an overview page with datagrid 2 takes quite some time. The fact that the default generation of overview pages still uses datagrid 1 also makes me believe that Mendix does still not see datagrid 2 as a good successor.