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Cleaning the environment that clears only transaction data



I am not sure if this idea has already been posted. 

As of now while testing we face issues with respect to data quality and redundant dummy data that needs to be cleared from the environment before starting a new round of testing. Here we have two options - either we clear the environment and start the configuration from scratch or we restore a previous backup which only had master data and configuration in it. For this every time there is change in any configurations - such as email templates or excel importer we have to make changes to the backup which had only master data. In order to save some time for this won't it be beneficial to have a clear transaction data only option that clears everything but the master data & configuration. Is there a way where we can demarcate certain tables as master data tables which won't get cleared?

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Hi Rohan,

you can create a button, in that call a microflow and retrieve tables whatever you want to delete then use delete activity and delete that.