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Disable MxAssist Logic Bot


I recently updated to Mendix 10.6.1 and am frustrated to find that I can no longer disable MxAssist Logic Bot. I find the Logic Bot incredibly distracting. I appreciate the ability to have access to it, and for some applications I may consider using it, but for my daily work with Mendix it is nothing but an annoyance.

I firmly believe that users of Mendix should have the choice as to whether to engage with the Logic Bot or not. If people want to use it, let them use it. If people want to turn it off, please let them turn it off. 


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Fully agree!!


I agree and because of this behavior, I will not use the latest version of Mendix anymore. Instead I will use Mx 10.3.1.


Fully agree, this should be optional. People use software in different ways, please let them configure the modeler' behavior to match their way of working.


I agree, for experienced users the Logic Bot is only annoying and causes slower development. Please make it able to turn the Logic bot off.