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Datagrid2 personalization attribute Extension


For Datagrid2 we have the personalization configuration attribute. But currently it is storing only the columns(order, hide/unhide), and its sorting order. But to store the filters that user has applied we need to create a new attribute for each column in datagrid2. Also we are unable to save what type of function the user used, Say if user use a text filter and applied the function starts with, We can only able to store the text the enter but not the function(contains, start , ends with etc...). So user may not know what function they used and it will create a confusion. So my request is instead of storing each column data in each individual attribute we can store all the filter data along with their functions in a single string. It will save so much development time if we have 10-15 datagrid2 to implement the saving filters.


Filter types for text filter

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