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Editor improvements - microflows


As there seems to be quite some time spent on improving the microflow editor there's a few things that could be improved:

  1. When adding an action via Assist, the blue dot indicating the position should be aligned to the left, such that the new element is placed next to the start action (or any other action). You rarely start adding actions in the middle of a brand new microflow.image.png
  2. Improve resizing of loops. With the new editor not using a grid that has become impossible to use. Nothing ever aligns after resizing. Also the resizing around the loop center is no longer possible.
  3. Bring back automatic completion of outgoing decision condition values. When connecting manually this is no longer working.
  4. Fix the expression editor - it does not handle all input entered correctly. E.g. when quickly typing ahead false + ctrl+enter it sometimes ends up with 'fals' - similar for other expressions.
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Thanks Fabian ;-)


-> 4. I was wondering for a long time why I had several actions where I had e.g. a Log Message with a template that ended with strange texts like 'edw', where I knew for sure I had typed 'edwin' (and used ctrl-enter afterwards). Now I see that it can happen easily that not all characters are saved correctly. If you press Ctrl-Enter quickly after the last typed character(s) these characters might get lost!