Of the 490 ideas only 13 are implemented. - Mendix Forum

Of the 490 ideas only 13 are implemented.


Only 13 ideas have been implemented out of the over 490 ideas stated here. This gives the impression that Mendix hardly has a look and does not give this section any consideration. Even the ideas that are easily implemented, even ideas with lots of votes stay un-implemented.

Mendix: Do more with these ideas or stop offering this 'ideas'-section.

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40 ideas implemented and 80 planned. Nice. Keep up the good work!


Hereby a quick update from Mendix.

We've release Mendix 7.13 today containing a nice list of idea forum items:

  1. Nanoflows for widget event triggers
  2. Execute Nanoflows from custom widget
  3. Instant update - Run Locally
  4. Published Web Services: Associations no longer need additional XML tags
  5. Microflow Java actions: Optional use of return values
  6. Find usages short cut
  7. XPath & Microflow Expression suggestion - search improvements


Enjoy modeling!

More information see the release notes here.


Another update:

In the 7.12.0 release that has been shipped today, we implemented two Ideas that had a lot of upvotes:

  • Change a Create activity into Change activity, and vice versa (nr 77)
  • ‘Create Snippet’ from page selection (nr 157)


See the release notes for details.


As promised an update:

This month we processed a lot of ideas. The current stats

  • 28 Ideas are "closed"
  • 16 Ideas are "Implemented"
  • 34 Ideas are "Planned"


We will continue to process all ideas and we aim to have everything processed in March. In the meantime, we are implementing quite a number of ideas. Keep an eye on the release notes!


Agree with Olly. Great that Mendix is actively responding to, and implementing, ideas, but please don't close popular ideas. Just because an idea will/can not be picked up soon, doesn't mean the idea is not desired anymore. Popular ideas have the most votes for a reason! :)


Good to see an improved attitude to the ideas expressed here but...

Closing popular ideas because they will not be addressed this year due to competing development priorities?

Surely if and idea is not responded to as "Will not do", it should be left open until such time as it can be implemented, even if this is not this year. Otherwise these ideas will not be there when development focus is more favourable.


I second Mike's comment and I too am looking forward to these ideas resulting into Mendix improvements. 


Johan -

Thanks for the response.  

What you described will be a great step forward.  I am looking forward to seeing this change in how the idea forum is used to further develop Mendix product offerings!



We have not been responsive enough on ideas indeed. We will change this in 2018. I commit to having a response on each idea within a month and I will also post a summary of how we deal with ideas in this thread for the next 3 months to give you a clear insight in our changed behavior.

I hope this will revive this section of the forum and lead to a product that we all enjoy even more!


Would also be nice if a response would be given if an idea will not be implemented any time soon (or at all), preferably with a little bit of context/explanation. 

I can image there are quite a few ideas that are too complicated, go against Mendix design vision or don't match well with other (future) development. But it would be nice to know if that's the case.