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Solve lot of forum bugs


Things to solve:

  1. always be secure
  2. Never make comments type from right to left
  3. Make opening several questions and ideas in new windows work fine instead of showing the main forum-page on most of the new windows
  4. Make comments never forget what you typed last so you don't lose it when something unintentional happens.
  5. Make it possible to switch between browser-tabs and still commit you the comment you are typing. Currently submitting your comment will sometimes make it disappear if you have been going to other tabs.
  6. Make Sort by Newest no show " Firefox browser Issue " on top (probably just because it has no account connected to it)
  7. ... etc.
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Forum bugs are still going strong. In this case the CKMendixeditor goes beserk.


"Robert van 't Hof, Thanks Tim and Stephan for the great list!
I would just like to note that we are aware of the issues and we'll hopefully get around to fixing these in the near future."

Is there a timeline or planning?


Since my previous comment didn't save, another attempt :P
A few more ideas:

7. Fix links to posts which have number 0, they are linked as: /link/ideas/0 or /link/questions/0 in the search

8. Use pagination on the forum (easier browsing). It is available in the newer ListView

9. Show unread / new posts (show unread since last visit + show new posts on my posts/comments/threads I'm involved in)

10. Show a warning when someone tries to respond to a topic which activity is > 2 months ago (or any other threshold). To prevent users (accidentally) bumping up old posts

11. Prevent the author of the question respond via answers, instead encourage the usage of comments or updates (edits) of the original post to keep the question clear / readable.