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Subjects for Mendix meetup 23rd of October


The 23rd of October the Mendix Meetup will be hosted by WebFlight(/MakerStreet). In this meeting we willl share our knowledge, share our best practices, do some networking and have fun.

Let us know which subject(s) you are interested in (reply to this message or send an email to and we will present the most popular one(s)!

Possible subjects:
Hacking the platform - using Mendix platform in the unconventional way
• Discover Jenkins - automatic deployment including (API and unit) testing
• Frontend - React on top of Mendix
• UX design - working together with UX and frontend to create a nice and userfriendly app
Magento - how to integrate with the most popular e-commerce platform



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can you post a link to the meetup page in the post :D


First three topics sound like the most interesting talks or meetups for me :]